Man Spends $50,000 to Become Genderless Alien

A man spends over $50,o00 to become a genderless (person?) alien! This crazy guy made dozens of plastic surgeries, removed his genitals, nipples and even his belly button! WTF?!?

genderless alien

Vinny Ohh, 22, from Los Angeles in California, has had over 110 procedures as to become a genderless alien! He removed his genitals, nipples and even his belly button! This crazy guy is a professional make-up artist and strongly believes that he’s neither a man nor a female! Yeah, Vinny, we got the idea… you are a creepy genderless alien!

man spends 50000 to become a genderless alien

Vinny is convinced that he wants to look on the outside exactly how he feels inside! He is willing to spend $160,000 to become what he thinks is a perfection! His idea of becoming a hybrid started since he was 17 years old, as he visited many doctors to see if what he wants is possible.

make up artist became genderless alien

The part-time model also wears large blackened contact lenses, weird make-up, and clothes but he seems pretty pleased with his/her’s/its choices.Vinny is set to appear on The Plastics of Hollywood, a show that will house real-life plastic surgery addicts together in attempts to nurture their talent. A Tv Show about how to become an alien? That’s something new!

Some people who have gone through the same crazy experience as Vinny did, said that in at least 15 years hundreds of people will want to become lizards, aliens, genderless or who knows what other crazy ideas will come out from those ‘ brilliant minds’. Below you can watch a short video about Vinny’s weird life!


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