Man With Hair Growing In His Eyeball

Iranian Man Has Hair Growing Out Of His Eyeball

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A 19-year-old man from Iran has a cyst with hair in his eyeball, and it’s not a sight “fur” sore eyes… The extremely rare condition does not permanently affect his vision, but it does impair it and gives him the feeling that a foreign object is in his eyes. What it the hairy cyst and how can i be solved? Find out right here.

The poor young Iranian’s eye suffers from a very rare tumor named “limbal dermoid” and it is considered to be so uncommon, that an ophthalmologist may see just one or a maximum of two in his entire medical career.

Hair growing out of eye 2

In the case of this 19 year old man, the weird formation was present since birth, and the patient said that it had not bothered him until it started to gradually grow, and evidently when it grew strands of hair. Throughout the 19 years of development, the cyst reached a diameter of 5 millimeters and the man started to complain that it was impairing his vision.

Hair growing out of eye

Although the cyst did not cause him any pain, it did cause a certain degree of discomfort while blinking, and an on-again-off-again feeling that there’s a foreign object in his eye. Taking all that discomfort into account, the doctors from the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences in Iran admitted the patient into the hospital and performed a cosmetic surgery on his eye in order to remove the bizarre 5mm by 6mm cyst.

limbal dermoid 1
Another case of limbal dermoid

The results of the surgery showed little improvement in visual acuity. The man still had 20/20 vision on his left eye, while as on his right eye, he had 20/60 due to the fact that he had a lazy eye and an astigmatism.

You are probably now thinking that out of all the places you can grow hair on your body, the est likely place for that to happen would be your eyeball… Well, that’s entirely rue, so let’s find out why this happened.

What is a limbal dermoid?


A limbal dermoid, also known as epibulbar or conjunctival dermoids, is a congenital condition that is cause in the womb, by the misplacement of certain cells in the eyeball. The dermoid cells are skin cells which are able to sprout hair, but they can also generate cartilage, sweat glands and in the worst case scenario… teeth

cystic teratoma on an eyeball

The limbal dermoid is always a benign tumor that does not significantly impair vision because it almost never develops on the central part of the cornea. Its management depends on the evolution of each case.

If it is a case in which the cyst remains small and asymptomatic, the indication is to leave it alone, although cosmetic surgery can be performed. If the cyst affects a patient’s eyesight, as was the case of the 19-year-old Iranian, surgery is highly indicated to stop the decrease of the patient’s vision.

Below you can see some more pictures of limbal dermoid cysts.

limbal dermoid 2

limbal dermoid 3

limbal dermoid 4

And in the video below, you can see how a limbal dermoid is removed.

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