Most Bizarre Hybrid Animals In The World

Most Bizarre Hybrid Animals In The World



Ladies and gents, behold… the wondrous yet somewhat bizarre man made creations. Even tho that sounds like a circus announcement, it’s not. These animals actually really exist, and just when you thought you’ve seen and heard it all, twist your mind around this new math class:  Equine + Zebra= Zebroid, or Buffalo + Cow= Beefalo or even Leopard + Lion= Leopon. These are just a few of the intriguing hybrid animals that actually exist in our days. In order to get a hybrid animal, two different different, but related species must mate, now this odd event does not happen very often in nature, but it does, however happen in captivity. If it did happen in the wild, just imagine all the endless possibilities. Take a look at a weird collection of pictures with weird hybrid animals.


The specimen above is a Liger, a combination between a lion and a tiger. It resembles a lion, but it keeps the stripes from dear old mommy, a female tiger. This hybrid cross is scientifically known as Panthera tigris (the mom)× Panthera leo(the dad) where as, a tigon is the offspring of a mother lion and a father tiger. Quite odd, huh?


Below you can see a Leopon.


A leopon is a mix between a male Leopard and a female Lion.

Toast of Botswana

Toast of Botswana

This odd critter is known as a Toast of Botswana, a mix between a goat and  a sheep. It was reported in Botswana, and his parents were a male sheep and a mother goat which were kept together in a paddock. This bizarre creature has the heavy ody of a sheep but the long legs of the goat.

Blood parrot

Take a look above and notice the blood parrot… which is actually a fish, a combination of Midas Cichild and Red Devil fish. Unfortunately, this fish has a deformed mouth and it’s sometimes deadly, stopping the fish from eating, many end up dead due to this deformity.

Meet the Beefalo, a mix between a  Cow and a Buffalo.


This animal was obtained because it produces red meat lower in fat and cholesterol than the common beef. Now that’s not a noble purpose…

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