New Cafe in San Francisco Offers Dinner Next to Rats!

The weirdest cafe in San Francisco offers to its customers a unique, unforgettable dinner next to… rats! Before you freak out, the rodents are domesticated and disease-free and if you saw Ratatouille then you know that rats can be quite cool!

This super cool Cafe will offer you coffee, pastry or anything you want for 50$ ( no extra fees for rats ) so check out below how it looks like!

rats cafe san francisco

How would you feel like to eat your dinner accompanied by a rat? I think I’ll be freaked out but why not trying? In San Francisco, a Cafe owner thought is a unique idea to bring a rat as a company for its client’s dinner. For only 50$ you can have a coffee and a snack next to a new friend! If seeing a rat in a restaurant freaks you out, now you’ll see these little guys with different eyes.

rat cafe in San francisco

Dating back from 1900′, rats caused only problems in America as they are known for bringing the bubonic plague for the first time in North America. Even if these little creepy creatures have a dark past, people seem to be quite thrilled about the idea of having Ratatouille next to them.

rat cafe brought ratatouille in

Here you can see a video with all details about the unique idea of having a ‘Rat Cafe’.

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