Real Zombies Walking In Indonesia

Woman REAL Zombie Walking In Indonesia

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Did I hear someone say zombie apocalypse? Well, apparently in Indonesia dead people really do walk, they are brought back to life so that they can return to their home village for a proper burial. The amazing picture above is the only tangible evidence about walking dead people.
You can see a corpse standing up straight, without being held by anyone… Are you spooked out yet? Apparently, in Indonesia, there is some sort of a mysterious ritual performed solely by a “witch doctor”, who brings back the dead an makes them walk. And it’s not like this halloween post!Let’s see why.

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The picture is taken amongst the Toraja people of Indonesia who are known to practice revival rituals. They have a strong belief that death is not permanent, and it’s not by far just a one day thing. They believe that death is a long process, which takes place over a period of time, maybe even years.

Once the human process of dying ends, another one begins, the recently departed loved one has to find his or her way to a place referred to as Puya, which is basically the afterlife.

casket at funeral

In order to be sure that their dead loved one has a good ending to the journey through death, the family makes really extensive and expensive funeral arrangements. One of the myths of the journey to Puya specifies that the dead person should not be buried in the place of death, but instead, in the town where they were born.

Now, the costs of such a “trip” are really high, so, the people of Toraja used to practice an ancient ritual which will turn the dead body into a zombie, and hence it would stand upright and walk on its own to the place of birth. There is a catch though… if someone were to speak directly to the dead person, its zombie form would fall to the ground, blocked and motionless.

That’s why, the family would have someone walk before the deceased and warn people not to speak to the dead person… This is indeed bizarre, and if you thought that it’s all just a scary zombie story… think again, cause here’s the proof that it’s all real.

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In this picture, you can clearly see the corpse of a woman, standing up straight, next to what appears to be a coffin with old ragged cloths. A proper funeral requires a hanging casket, a multi-water buffalo sacrifice, chants, singing, music, stone and wooden effigies to protect the soul during travel, and so on… hence, when the sum needed for all this is raised, so is the dead person…

Some have argued that the picture just shows a person sick of leprosy, but it is clearly obvious that this is not the case, the woman in the picture even has her hands as she was laid to rest…

More zombies?

voodoo doll

We are all familiar with the mystery of voodoo practice, and how it’s said that those who practice this form of magic have the power to raise the dead through black magic. Haitians are very afraid of the fact that someone might steal the body of their beloved dead person and turn them into zombies, therefore, they have been known to dismember their deceased before burial.

A bokor is the voodoo sorcerer who can bring back the dead

In 1982, an American scientist revealed that the bokor uses powerful poisons which makes the victim who takes it to appear dead for 3 days… The victims often died from the poison, or the asphyxiation, but if the bokor got to them on time, they would administrate a mysterious paste containing a powerful psychoactive substance such as datura stramonium also known as the zombie cucumber.

This would cause memory loss and a will to submit as a slave…

real haitian zombie

Above is a picture of such a zombie, a real life zombie who can not be brought back to life. Have a look at the video below and learn more about zombies.

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