Scary ‘Harry Potter Dementor’ Figure Appeared in Clouds

A creepy human-like figure which tends to look like a Harry Potter Dementor appeared in clouds above the Mukuba Mall in the city of Kitwe in north-central Zambia. Was it a real ghost or just imagination?

harry potter dementor appeared in the clouds

What is creepier than seeing a huge creepy ghost in the sky? Maybe to feel it behind you, but still… this thing is scary af’. People from Zambia had a really unusual experience when they pictured in the sky a very strange ghost with a gigantic humanoid head and torso, scarily similar to a Dementor from Harry Potter series.

scary harry potter dementor appeared in the clouds

The creepy human-like figures seemed to be over 100 meters (330 ft) long and people said it was composed more of a dark solid material than being made of clouds.

The ghostly figure stayed in the sky for half an hour and many thought it was a manifestation of God. If it was God or something evil, nobody can tell. Take a look at the picture below and find the similarities between the figure appeared in the sky and the Harry Potter Dementor…scarly similar!

harry potter dementor like figure

One of the scary moment’s witness has recorded the ghostly apparition. It was creepy af’ and everybody hopes it was just a creepy cloud formation, not a ‘the end is close’ sign!

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