Shocking Video: 150 Worms Living Inside a Woman’s Stomach

The latest shocking discovery terrified the doctors! A shocking video shows 150 worms living inside a woman’s stomach!

150 ten inch worms removed from a womans stomach in India

A horrifying discovery shocked the medical world! In January 2017, in India, a woman was carrying 150 worms in her stomach! The gruesome footage was made by the doctors while they were removing the worms from her stomach!

worms removed from a womans stomach in India

Neha Begum is a 22-year-old woman who suffered excruciating stomach pains for several months as no doctor discovered what was going on in her body! She endured horrible pains until she was opened up!

The doctors made a terrifying discovery… No one expected to open Neha up and find 150 worms in her belly! The doctors took five hours to remove the worms from Neha’s stomach as each worm was 25 cm long! 25 cm!!!

The disgusting creatures can be seen wrapped around her intestine! They created a whole 150 worms colony inside Neha! Check out the sickening footage below!

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