Shocking Video Of A Strange Cyclop Shark

Shocking Video Of A Strange Cyclop Shark

cyclop shark 1

If you thought you’ve seen all of the monsters in Monsters Inc. think again, cause you haven’t seen this rare one-eyed monster… A fisherman made the most bizarre discovery while he was fishing in the Gulf of California. Looking at the pictures, you’ll probably say to yourself, impossible.. that’s not a shark, it looks nothing like the sharks we all know and fear, but you should know that this amazing creature is actually an embryo. Local fisherman Enrique Lucero Leon fished out a pregnant shark and after eviscerating it, he made the weirdest discovery: in her womb, he found a strange 56-cm male embryo along with nine other normal embryos. Would you like to see how weird this baby shark looks like? We have amazing photos and an extremely interesting video of this weird cyclop shark.

Unfortunately, these extremely rare cases of one eyed animals, generally do not survive after birth, as this congenital disease that impairs the eyes from forming properly, also causes other malformations which make this fetuses incompatible with life outside the womb.

cyclop shark 2

cyclop shark 3

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Rare Cyclops Shark

The amazing video of the one eyed shark can be seen below. Enjoy!

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