Strangest Babies Ever Born

5. Cyclopia: Babies with one eye

Cyclopia 1

Cyclopia is also a congenital malformation that leads to a strange baby being born. The malformation leads to the total union of the two eyes in the mid forehead, hence resulting a cyclop baby. Babies suffering of the cyclop often die soon after birth due to even more malformations of the heart and neurological system.

Have a look below to see a video of a cyclop baby:

6. Diprosopus: babies with two faces:

Diprosopus baby

Image source

Diprosopus is also known as the two-faced baby malformation, or craniofacial duplication: meaning that a part of the face, or the entire face is duplicated. The malformation is extremely rare and it’s often associated with anencephaly, or if the brain is present, its structures may be duplicated as well.

Have a look at some pictures below, they are of Lali Singh, a baby girl born in 2008, and she is the only known living infant with complete facial duplication.

Lali Singh two faced baby 1

Lali Singh two faced baby 2

7. Craniopagus parasiticus: Two Headed Baby
two headed baby

Image source

Two headed babies have a parasitic head of an undeveloped twin, attached to their head. The condition is also very rare. Have a look at the videos below, which will show you the life of the most recent case

Unfortunately, there are even more strange, weird babies with rare diseases.

Our hearts go out to the families who experience such tragedies.  We wish them all the best and hope that they find comfort for their ordeal.

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  1. I would run from the hospital and never stop if I ever had one of these aliens (I mean babies….. I think.)

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