Strangest Creatures Born By Women

Strangest Creatures Ever Born By Women – Giving birth to monsters

Viewer Discretion Is advised

Check out the strangest and most freaky babies ever born. A woman gave birth to a horse-baby after an exorcism ritual, a snake-baby was the talk of the internet after its birth, a sheep gave birth to a half-human baby… When you read that, you simply know something is totally weird and wrong! The cases you are about to see are real, and the pictures have not been photoshopped, but viewer discretion is advised. Let’s check out these strange creatures ever born.

1. Woman gives birth to a horse

Woman gives birth to a horse baby

Were you urging for your annual dose of hysterical equine pregnancy? Well, this year, a bizarre story comes from the Benin City, Edo State, where a woman supposedly gave birth to a horse baby… and no, we do not mean that in a sort of “why the long face” jokes way, but in the actual “holy cow, this HUMAN lady gave birth to a baby horse” way.

The odd event is nothing short of a miracle… It appears that the woman is a local vegetable merchant who was attending a church meeting at the World Liberation Ministry to see if the minister could cure her of her impossibility to bare children (pretty ironic, isn’t it?). Well, It would appear that the whole process paid out… After the Minister anointed the woman with oils and began praying for her she began hemorrhaging from her genital area and went into labour…

Veronica Egiebor is a local nurse who was “lucky” enough to witness the bizarre birth. She declared that:

She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed harder for the baby to come out. Then, something dropped and she fell. The thing fell, some people called it a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a long neck and the ears were long. It was exactly like a horse, although it was in a baby form.

Minister Silva Wealth, the priest who was performing the ceremony declared that

“I can’t describe the object. We have seen people vomit several things during our service but not this type of thing.”

Ok, so, as if this wasn’t weird enough, the priest warned all of the people not to go near the “foetus”, instead they just left it there, in a puddle of blood, as you can see in the picture above. The woman was rushed to the hospital, but the horse-baby was declared “dead-on-arrival” and was apparently left on the church floor till the following day when it was disposed of. We find this just as hard to believe as you do, but the picture speaks for itself…

2. Snake Baby Born in Saudi Arabia

Snake Baby Born in Saudi Arabia

Mecca, Saudi Arabia: a strange snake-baby is born… It has greenish skin and horrible red eyes. His entire body is covered in what seemed to be some sort of human scales. The strange creature appeared to be anything else but human, nevertheless, the baby you see in these pictures, and in the video below, is indeed a human baby born from a normal mother.

Snake Baby Born in Saudi Arabia 2

Days before the birth, the woman had a dream in which she was giving birth to a snake, and when the child came out, everyone was shocked to see that the woman’s prophecy had become true. This reptile-like condition known as harlequin disorder and it’s a skin disease that manifests itself with massive diamond shaped scales all over the body.

You can read more about Harlequin Ichthyosis here.

3. Rat-creature baby

Strange baby

The mother of this child was pregnant for 12 months. Yes, we know that seems unbelievable, but it is true… After 9 hours of labor pains the woman gave birth to a monster baby, which she said looked like a hairless rat with a long tail. Further details were not given, as to where the strange event happened, or any details about the mother, but this picture of the monster baby was published. The creature died soon after birth.

rat like baby

God forbid that children like these are ever born to any more women. See more Incredible Mutant Babies here.

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