Terrifying Video: Half Sheep Half Human Beast Born in South Africa

 A terrifying video of a beast born in South Africa that looks half sheep half human shocked everyone! Believe it or not… Check it out!

You might say that we know almost everything about this planet, but here we go again with another shocking discovery!

half human half sheep

The superstitious villagers from Chris Hani District Municipality, the Eastern Cape province of South Africa are shocked about a ‘ devilish’ creature that was born last week. They started to blame each other for witchcraft after a goat gave birth to a strange beast that looks half sheep half man.

half sheep half man

Chief Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Lubabalo Mrwebi confirmed that this weird creature is actually a lamb with a rare disease. Others say that the animal was a result of the sheep being injected with human sperm… Check out the shocking video below!

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