UFO Over Chinese Airport

UFO Over Chinese Airport Video

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UFO Seen By Thousands! This is one of many different videos and photos of this amazing event!

There was a sighting of a UFO in the skies above the Xiaoshan Airport in China this past week which shut down the airport’s operations for at least an hour.

UFO over China came and went away and after an hour or so, the operations resumed. Media stopped reporting and authorities stopped investigat ing, even the Aviation authorities were criticized for stopping operations. Many thought it was More..a private plane or something like that. Even people from around the city reported the UFO but Chinese authorities never took it seriously.

Now, a video and more footage have been published about the UFO over china in 2010.
These pictures and video (If real) revealed that it was a matter of seriousness because UFO never looked like a local plane. It was an altogether a unique flying object with huge amount of light behind it. It was just like a flying object burning in the air but actually it was a real mysterious object.

Well, after watching the video, mostly people suggested that first of all the matter had to be considered as one of the most serious matters. Radars must be observed and analyzed again for UFO presence. The investigation must be carried out about the video and pictures and then UFO over china in 2010.

After watching the video, the experts from all around China has started taking interest to investigate the matter.

Here is the Video

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