Unbelievable Stories About Breast Implants

Unbelievable Stories About Breast Implants

silicone breast implant

Breast implants…  some like them small, others like them big or round, but no matter what the shape, every woman which gets breast implants just wants them to look good… well some silicone bags have quite a strange story behind them. A pair of implants stopped a bullet while another pair holds the ashes of the owner’s husband close to her heart. Take a look at some of the strangest and unbelievable stories of implants.

Sandi Canesco

Sandi Canesco, a 26 year-old from Australia had her recently departed husband’s ashes sewed in her breast implants so that she could always have him close to her heart. She did this bizarre gesture after a terrible road accident took her husband away.


breast implants

Lydia Carranza from Los Angeles considers herself the luckyest woman alive and she has her implants to thank for that. She was working as a nurse for a dentist when one of her colleagues was shot to death by her husband, after that, he turned towards Lydia and shot her as well. The ultrasound examination of the wound revealed that the bullet had stopped millimeters from her heart. She was extremely happy she took the decision to augment her breasts.

supertalent busty heart

Busty Heart, a 47 year-old woman from the United States auditioned for “America’s Got Talent” in 2008 with an unusual talent: she could break objects with her breasts. SHe amazed everyone by breaking a six-pack of cokes… you can watch Busty Heart’s audition for America’s Got Talent and watch her in action in the video below.

sensual girl with snake

After a sensual photoshoot with a snake,  Orit Fox, who works as a model, unwillingly killed the snake after the reptile took a bite of her implants. Silicone turned out to be quite poisonous for a snake.


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