Weirdest Inventions Ever Seen

Weirdest Inventions Ever Seen

Weird Smoking Machine

Sometimes art knows no limitations. If you were to hear that someone invented a smoking machine would you call it art or invention? Well, this weird machine and many more are actually part of Norwegian artist Kristofer Myskja’s mechanical art collection. This machine does nothing more than smoke cigarettes over and over again, a quite pointless action, but a really awesome piece of machinery. Take a look and ssee for yourself what other weird inventions Myskja created.

Smoking Machine

Weird Smoking Machine 1

The machine works just like a normal person that smokes, it fixes the cigarettes in a tight grip, and then starts huffing and puffing them until they’re nothing but ashes dropping them to the floor and causing quite a mess, as we can see in the picture.  Some have stated that the machine is actually a way to protest against the pointless human action or shall we say addiction of smoking.

Maybe watching this weird piece of technology while consuming toxic chemicals will make smokers more aware of the hazards of smoking, and persuade them to kick this unhealthy habit for good.

The Machine that uses a 1000 years to shut itself down

Machine that uses a thousand years to shut itself down

This lovely machine is as graceful as it is useless. Just like the smoking machine, this machine is simply meaningless, its sole purpose is to turn itself down… 1000 years from the moment it is set in to motion. This machinery is powered by light and consists of a sequence of wheels that rotate exponentially, gradually in a way that the roration of the last wheel is imperceptible.

The Interference Machine

Interference Machine

Included in the assortment of tasks performed by Kristofer Myskja’s artwork, we find another weird yet awesome concoction which plays the rim of wine glasses. Sitting high on it’s pedestal it turns around slowly, holding two wine glasses thus by creating small circular moves it generates the high-pitched noise we all know and… love?

The Conspiring machine

Conspiring Machine

This odd gadget works in a quite simplistic way: as the cylinder spins, the spikes on it generate sounds which are conducted through electrical wires to the speakers that amplify the signal making it audible to the human ear.


Got you curious to see how these concoctions look in real life? Take a look at the video below and see one of these weird, exciting machines at work. It’s the most publicized of his inventions… It’s the Smoking machine and you can watch it smoke. Will it get you to quit smoking?

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