Weirdest Souvenirs From Asia

Weirdest Souvenirs From Asia

golden poop

Some would say that the most important part of a trip are the memories you bring with you, weather they’re pictures or souvenirs.  But if you’re planning a trip to Asia, it might be wise to look-up these weird souvenirs and be sure you actually need souvenirs such as golden poop or ninja crackers. We’ve done our research and came up with a list of the most bizarre souvenirs from Asia. Take a look and see which one you’re gonna buy the next time you’re visiting.

1. Strapya Golden Poop

Strapya golden poop

I’m sure we all remember the poop jokes from school… well a wacky specialist from the popular Strapya World, Japan came up with a 12 cm high poop that scares all mosquitoes away from your house. If you’re interested in buying but you don’t plan on visiting Japan any time soon, be advised that they do ship Jumbo Golden Poops abroad.

2. Katayaki Ninja Crackers

katayaki crackers

You might call the cookies but you could actually break your teeth in these biscuits. They designed to be rations for traveling ninjas. They cost a mere 8 dollars and for a few extra change, you can buy the wooden mallet to actually crack and eat them.

3. Cheerharan toilet paper

cheerharan toilet paper

There’s an old myth about an evil king named Duryodhana who lived a long, long time ago, in the 4th century B.C.  He is thought to have ordered his cheerharan to strip of his magic sari, but due to a spell, the sari was endless and never came off. Unfortunately, the toilet paper isn’t endless, but it sure is funny.

4. New Age Ganesha god

Ganesha with laptop

As times evolve so do Hindu gods. Ganesha, the mythical god known to remove obstacles with his elephant head has now turned to laptops in order to solve obstacles. You can have him for only a few dollars.

5. Sichun-mask-shaped bottle opener

Sichuan mask bottle opener


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