Woman Allergic To Her Own Tears

This Woman Can’t Cry Cause Her Own Tears Cause Her Pain


Have you ever wished that you couldn’t cry, so that you can be immune to most of the things that cause us tears? Well, you better be careful what you wish for cause sometimes, our wishes aren’t what we really need. Katie Dell a 26 year old woman is one of the 35 people on the planet to be diagnosed with a rare disease that causes her skin to have painful rashes when it comes in to contact with water. The condition is called aquagenic urticaria, and i basically implies that she can’t have baths, or swim, or even cry without triggering a burning rash on her skin.

This rare allergy determined Katie to quit her job as a dance teacher because sweat also triggers the rash. She is even too scared to leave her home, in case it starts raining. Just imagine, not being able to get upset, or happy and cry… she has to be somewhat emotionless, so that she doesn’t have to go through the pains induced by the burns. Katie said: “I can’t even watch a weepy rom-com film like most girls and I’ve missed out on a lot of the classics like E.T and The Notebook. If I feel I’m going to cry, I turn it off and I’ve missed the end to so many films. Symptoms began after I had my tonsils out when I was about 16. After the operation I had penicillin that I later discovered I was allergic to.

Doctors think this may have altered the histamine levels in my body.” Katie said she soon noticed that she developed a rash every time she came into contact with water. The condition is so rare that doctors thought at first that Katie was making it up, but b the time she was 20, it began being obvious for everyone else that she was suffering from water contacts.

She can’t spend more than two minutes in the shower without getting a rash, but with the help of her husband, Andy, she manages to clean up. So far, the doctors haven’t been able to find a cure for water allergies, so, until they do, Katie has to keep missing out on all of the fun parts of life. Next time you cry, or go out in the rain or have fun in the pool, you should be thankful you don’t have a condition such as this one..

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