World’s Weirdest Addictions

World’s Weirdest Addictions


We all have our addictions but some people just have wacky addictions… A woman can’t fall asleep unless she has, a functional hairdryer on the pillow next to her. A man addicted to eating glass, or a woman to eating toilet paper… all sorts of weird addictions. We even have someone who just can’t help himself from going to funerals, he even gave up his job to serve his unusual tastes. Take a look at some of the wackiest addictions in the world.

woman sleeps with hair dryer

Meet Lori Broady, the woman who can’t fall asleep without the soothing sound of her hairdryer on the pillow next to her. She’s had this odd obsession ever since she was a child, she came from a family with ten children and she’d turn on the hairdryer so that the noises made by her siblings wouldn’t bother her anymore. The problem is that she grew up, moved away, had children of her own and she still can’t abandon the blow-dryer.

If you think that’s weird, take a look at the man who just has to eat glass.

man eats glass

This man just can’t stop eating glass, especially light bulbs… doctors  say he, and the next two weird addictions are called Pica, a disorder that causes some people to eat non-food materials (such as dirt or glass, or even couches)

eating household cleaner toilet paper addiction

These two women also have unusual addictions, Kesha to the right is addicted to toilet paper and eats half of roll per day. Crystal on the left can’t help eating household cleaner since she was twelve years old.


Meet April Brucker, a shy girl, nothing unusual about that… but, she’s so shy that she created an addiction to puppets. She even broke-up with her fiance  when he asked her to choose between him and her dolls… well, at least puppets don’t leave the toilet seat up.

funeral 1

Luis Squarisi from Brazil hasn’t missed a funeral in his town in the past 20 years, he even quit his job in order to attend funerals. Ever since his father died, he became obsessed and every morning he turns on the radio to catch up on the deaths in town, if there’s nothing on the radio, he calls hospitals and chapels for the latest “news”… weird to say the least.

Below you can watch a video of a man as he devours a glass.

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