Funny Demotivational Posters Collection

Funniest Demotivational Posters

Are you ready for your dose of fun today? We’ve put together a collection of 2012’s funniest demotivational posters so far. It’s been proven that laughs make us live longer so don’t let a day pass you by without having a good laugh, and since there’s no time like the present, let’s have a look at these really hilarious posters.

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Amazing Baby Survives With Heart Outside of His Body

First Boy In The World To Survive With Heart Outside of His Body

Ryan Marquiss is truly a miracle boy, and one of the most amazing cases in medical history: he’s the first baby in the world to survive a birth malformation which is incompatible with life.
Baby Ryan was born in 2009 with one of the rarest heart malformations in the world, instead of growing inside his chest, this little boy’s heart had developed outside of his body and when he was born, half of his heart was on the outside, being covered only by a thin piece of soft tissue. His condition is named ectopia cordis, and all of the other kids born with this malformation died within 3 days of birth.

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World’s Biggest Shark Ever Captured: 40-Feet Long

World’s Biggest Shark Ever Captured: 40-Feet Long in Karachi Pakistan.We also made a top of the world’s biggest sharks ever discovered.

We’ve all heard our share of fish tales, but a few lucky fishermen in Karachi Fish Harbour can now take pride with the fact that the captured the biggest shark in the world! The gigantic was captured on February 7th, 2012, it was 40 feet long and it belongs to a special species of sharks called wale sharks.
Now in all fairness, the fishermen weren’t really all that skilled in fishing to be able to make such a capture, but it’s still one that’s gonna be remembered for a long time. The shark died of unknown causes and it washed ashore, where it gave local Pakistani authorities quite a struggle when it came to getting it out of water. The giant wale shark was so heavy that it had to be lifted out of the water with the aid of two cranes.

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Most Bizarre Foreign Objects Found In Human Bodies

Bizarre Foreign Objects Found In Human Bodies

The human body is, and forever will be an amazing mystery. But sometimes, it’s even more amazing to find things that don’t normally belong in a human body, like a knife in the head, of 300 coins in the stomach… Some people intentionally insert weird foreign bodies in to their own, others have the misfortune of finding nails in their heads, or in other cavities of their bodies.
Luckily, if they have the good fortune to survive having a nail inserted into their heads, the doctors rush to the rescue and take out whatever weird object they find in the human body. Here’s a list of some of the strangest foreign objects found in human bodies. Enjoy!

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Breathtaking Cloud Tsunami Covers Florida Skyscrapers

Watch As The Amazing Cloud Tsunami Rolls Over Florida

Some might call this a once in a life-time experience, but others might disagree and argue that this rare “cloud tsunami” phenomenon is just a fabulous moment which happens in extraordinary weather conditions, and all yo have to do is keep an eye out for it, and your trusty camera on hand.
Luckily, we all can now rejoice with pictures of this amazing phenomenon, since helicopter pilot, Mike Schaeffer was able to take photos of a cloud which swept across the sandy beaches of Florida and stumbled upon the skyscrapers which were close to shore, creating an beautiful tsunami effect.

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Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 Kids At Once: True Or False?

Indian Woman Gave Birth To 11 Kids At Once: True Or False?

Rumor has it that somewhere inIndia, inSuratto be more specific, a supermom gave birth to eleven babies all at once! Yes, you read that right, eleven babies! Could that be true or is it just an urban myth sustained by some really good photoshop work? Well, while the picture shown speaks for itself, ( and we ALL know how pictures can be misleading) anonymous sources indicate that the 11 sweet little bundles of joy photographed above are actually the 11 babies which were born on the unique day of November 11th, 2011 (11/11/11).

Now, there is a little bit of truth in the picture of the eleven kids. Six of them were indeed twins born to the same mother. But the remaining five are just lucky babies who came to this world on a unique day. But wait just a minute! It appears that calls were indeed made to the Guiness Book of World Records to acknowledge the amazing record  and they declared that “unofficial sources” are willing to produce even more evidence of the amazing birth of 11 babies to the same mom.

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Weight Record In China: Heaviest Baby Ever Born

Heaviest Newborn In China Sets Weight Record: 15-Pounds At Birth

Chun Chun is a real bundle of joy, a 15.5-pound bundle mind you! Not only did this newborn baby boy make his parents very proud, but he also made an entire nation proud, and not just any country, but China, the country with the most inhabitants.

This gigantic baby was born in the Province of Henan, more exactly, in city of Xinxiang. Despite the baby’s immensity, the caesarean section which was performed to deliver him took a mere 20 minutes, and both the mom and the huge newborn are healthy and well. Chun Chun is not the only extremely big baby born in China. Between 2008 and 2010 another three babies were born weighting 15 pounds exactly, but Chun is now the heaviest baby ever born there due to the fact that he had 15.5 pounds.

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Ioana Spangenberg’s Amazing Skinny Waist: Just 20 Inches

The Human Hourglass: Ioana Spangenberg’s Amazing Skinny Waist: Just 20 Inches

The Human Hourglass, that’s the nickname a Romanian-born model got after her photos surfaced online. Ioana Spangenberg is a 30 year old model who’s waist circumference is only 20 inches (50cm). The girl weights 38 kg and she now has everyone looking at her due to the Barbie doll figure with the 32-20-32 dimensions.

Despite what you might think, that she’s suffering, or recovering from anorexia, or some other eating disorder, Ioana claims that even tho she looks like an hourglass, she has a very healthy appetite, she eats 3 meals per day and she even indulges herself with chocolate treats.

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The Future of Touchsreen Technology – Awesome Video

The Future of Touchsreen Technology – Awesome Video: A Day Made of Glass 2: Unpacked

Gorilla Glass manufacturer Corning is the genius behind he glass displays of most of the tablets and touchscreen displays we use in our day to day life. And since they’re so awesome at what they do, they’re released yet another amazing video of what the future of touchscreen technology holds for us.
Unfortunately, technology is advancing a bit slower than Corning would like it to, but have no ear, slowly but surely, we’ll be able to have touchscreen surfaces on our car dashboard, our dresser and even on the bathroom mirror.

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Nissan Lends Amazing “Self-Healing” Paint To iPhone Cases

Nissan Lends Amazing “Self-Healing” Paint To iPhone Cases

Have you ever resented the fact that sometimes you’re an incurable butterfingers?
This can be especially annoying when you drop your brand new, state-of-the-art iPhone, right? And in that moment when you see the phone dropping to the floor, and you know there’s nothing you can do to stop it, don’t you just with you either had superpowers and you could freeze time, or better yet, don’t you wish they just made the phones more resistant to scratches and such “injuries”?

Well the answer to your prayers has now arrived in the form of a special, amazing self-healing paint.
Nissan, in collaboration with the University of Tokyo, have managed to develop a type of paint that expands when scratched, and in just 30 minutes after the scratch was made, it will be completely gone, due to the fact that the paint filled it in. For more severe “injuries”, the process may take longer, but eventually, the results are amazing!

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