Strangest Babies Ever Born

Women Sometimes Give Birth To Strange Creatures Instead Of Babies


Not all babies are born cute, let’s have a look at some of the strangest babes ever born! A baby is considered a blessing upon every family, but what if the woman gives birth to a not -so-normal child instead of the little bundle of joy she was expecting?
Sometime along the normal gestation period, mutations happen in the womb, and when the time of birth comes,  some  sort of mutant-baby is born causing sadness and reasons of worry for everyone involved. Let’s check out some of the weirdest and strangest babies which were born, viewer discretion is advised for the pictures and videos of this article.

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Best Extreme Fails Of 2012

Have A Look At Some Of The Stupidest Fails Caught On Tape In 2012


Extreme fails… that’s what happens when you mix courage with dose of stupidity, and sometimes, with alcohol! People are capable of doing really amazing accomplishments, but they are also able to do incredibly stupid things as well.
Some get the guts to try extreme stunts after drinking a shot or two, unfortunately, alcohol doesn’t help on the coordination skills. We’ll have a look at some of the best extreme fails of 2012 and laugh about them, but remember… Do not try this at home!

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Killer Carnivorous Algae Attack The Beaches Of Denmark

Carnivorous Algae On Danish Beaches Eat Animals 10000 Their Own Size

carnivorous algae

Were you thinking of going for a swim in the sea? Think again! Cause Denmark is dealing with the attack of the killer algae, and it’s not a pretty sight. Apart form these microscopic sea plants, we’ll also have a look at other dangerous carnivorous plants, so brace yourselves, killer plants are coming!
Carnivorous algae were only thought to be found in Spain, but a new study shows that these microscopical creatures, which are able to eat animals ten thousand times their own size, also live on Denmark’s beaches, and God only knows where else… Let’s have a look and see how potentially harmful the Carnivorous Algae are.

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World’s Fattest Man In 2012 – Keith Martin

The New Record for The Fattest Man In The World Is at 812 Pounds

Keith Martin fattest man 2012

We all like to indulge ourselves in a few edible treats now and then, but some people take it to the extreme! Let’s have a look at the world’s fattest man in 2012, but also a top of some of the fattest people in the world, who held the record before Keith Martin came to tip the scales.
Right now, the world’s fattest man is named Keith Martin and he weighs 812 pounds (58-stone). How did he go from being a normal, thin person to the fattest man in the world? Let’s find out.

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Cascade Creature – Weird Blob Filmed In The Deep Seas

Cascade Creature – Mysterious Gigantic Deep Sea Monster?

Cascade Creature 1

A huge weird blob was filmed by a remote-controlled underwater camera and it’s been named the Cascade Creature. The deep sea huge sighting has been intensely discussed but what could it be? It’s size is very big, somewhere around six meters, it’s brownish skin has hexagonal shapes on it and it’s extremely weird and creepy.

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Awesome Robotic Spider Is Able to Weave A Web Of Yarn

A Robot Spider Weaves an Intricate Web Of Yarn – See it In Action

Robotic spider weaves web 1

Weaving is no longer a thing for the ladies or for the eight-legged insects, a new weaver is in town and it’s a robot! Yes, that’s right, MIT inventors have managed to invent an awesome robotic spider which can weave an intricate web without benefiting of any human assistance.
The robot was able to meticulously weave a web of yarn around itself, in a way which would make any real life spider jealous. How did the cool robotic spider manage to be so precise? Let’s find out.

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Robotic Exoskeleton Muscle Suit Will Make Us Superhumans

Amazing Robotic Suit To Help Us Lift Heavy Objects And Other Exoskeletons


Well isn’t this amazing… Japanese scientists have invented a muscle suit which will give us all the superpower to lift heavy objects and assist us in other movements. Does it sound a little bit on the sci-fi side? Well, it just so happens that we’re closer to the future than we thought.

The idea of robot-aided lifting devices has seemed appealing even back in the 1960s, but today’s technology made it possible for us to hope that pretty soon, we won’t have to complain that something is too hard for just one person to lift, all we’ll have to do is put on our exoskeleton and be amazed at how easy everything will seem.

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Corpse of Weird Creature Washes Up On Seal Beach

Mysterious Montauk Monster Found Dead on Seal Beach And Other Weird Creature Sightings in 2012

Weird Creature Washes Up On Seal Beach 1

Did you think that you’ve heard your share of news about Montauk monsters? Well think again cause a new corpse from a weird creature washed up on shore on Seal Beach and it looks extremely gruesome.
This unidentified creature was found dead on the beach and at a first glance, it looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and so do the other strange creatures sighted in 2012.

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Shocking Giant Spider Eating Live Snake

Terrifying Video Of A Giant Spider Eating Live Snake

spider-eats-snake 1

Spiders… one of most people’s biggest fear. Well, we have some shocking videos that will get you even more terrified of these not so little critters. Spiders will eat just about anything they can get their fangs on, and apparently, snakes make no exception.
The latest video that’s gotten people scared shows a giant spider devouring a live long snake. Other videos show snakes eating big birds or even larger animals… Pretty gruesome, we know, but let’s have a look. If you don’t suffer from arachnophobia, these videos might change your mind.

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Amazing Things You Can Control With Your Mind

Amazing: You Can Control Robots With Your Mind

bci telepresence robot 1

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to control objects with your mind? Well, now it’s possible, this amazing capability has been developed with the aid of Brain–computer interfaces, or as some like to call them, mind machines.
Practically, you can control objects as far as 100 kilometers away, and what’s even more amazing is that scientist have developed a new brain – muscle implant which allows paralyzed limbs to move. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Well let’s have a look and see these interesting inventions which may soon cure paralysis.

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