Brain Found In KFC Meal

Pieces of Brains found in KFC Meal


A KFC customer made a shocking discovery: he found a brain in the meal he had bought from KFC and all anyone can say is EWW! Gross food they have!

Imagine going to a fast-food restaurant, ordering a dish of your favorite extra-crispy chicken wings (or whatever your favorite fast-food meal is) and all of a sudden, you realize that instead of chicken wings, you are actually eating brains! (And no, the zombie apocalypse is not here yet). Care to know what happened? Check it out right here.

Are you wondering what’s on the Kentucky Fried Chicken menu these days? How about a crispy slice of chicken seasoned with a secret mixture of a total of eleven herbs and spices, which may turn out to be a piece of wrinkled brains.

brains in KFC meal 3

A 19 year old student from Colchester, UK made a gruesome discovery while eating in his local Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The youngster has the habit to pull the meat off of the nuggets he orders at KFC. Back in December 2012, while eating a Gladiator box meal and doing that to one of his meals, he was terrified to find that instead of meat he ca pick off the bones, he received a nugget made out of an brain-looking-like organ…


Upon recalling the incident, Ibrahim Langoo, 19, of Essex declared that:

“I have a habit of picking the chicken off the bone with my fingers and as I pulled the second piece apart, I saw this horrible wrinkled foreign body. I threw it down onto my tray immediately. It looked like a brain. I suddenly felt grim and really sick.”

Since this is that day and age of phones with all sorts of hi-tech cameras, the student immediately took a picture of the gross piece of food and added it to a well known social network and then complained to the staff. (We know what you’re thinking… the picture isn’t that clear, but we are all able to see the creepy and shocking piece of brain-like matter)


After the post was shared almost 500 times in just a few hours, KFC officials took the time to analyze the picture and concluded that the piece in stake is not part of an animal’s brain, but rather a kidney that is most likely to look like that after being processed.

The official statement issued by the local KFC representatives stated that:

“Although we haven’t received the product, it appears from a photograph that unfortunately on this occasion a kidney, and not a brain as claimed, was not removed in the preparation process.”

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As a method of making amends, KFC offered Mr. Langoo vouchers, but it’s rather easy to understand why the 19 year-old declared that he is never eating at that particular food chain again.

brains in KFC meal 2

So what was really the piece of matter? The thing turned out to really be a kidney… Doesn’t look like that to us, but hey… It’s up to you where you wanna go and order your next fast-food meal from.

brains in KFC meal 3

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