Circus Trainer Killed By Tiger In Mexico

Shocking Video Of a Tiger Killing His Trainer In A Mexican Circus

tiger attacks trainer

A tiger managed to kill his trainer during a performance at the Circo Suarez In Sonora, Mexico. The people in the crowd were shocked to see the terrifying event as the tiger was attacking his trainer. Find out what happened to the tiger and see the extremely shocking video of the attack right here.

The circus is an amazing world filled with magic and amazing things, but it’s also a world full of dangers. Working with live animals is a risky business, but working with animals with sharp teeth, big claws and a killer instinct… it’s pure suicide. And that was also the case for a 35 year old circus trainer who died due to a vicious attack.

During one of the regular performances of the Circo Suárez in Sonora, Mexico, trainer Alexander Crispín was brutally injured and later on died. The 35 year-old man was an employee of the circus for many years, and he was hired as a tiger tamer. All of his experience turned out to be null when during a performance, one of the tigers lashed out at him, grabbing his legs and biting him from the neck.

tiger attacks trainer 3

The man’s colleagues rushed in to help, and managed to harm the tiger bad enough in order for it to release its trainer. Alexander Crispín was rushed to the Huatabampo hospital for medical treatments, but the neck injuries and the major blood loss turned out to be fatal.

Below you can see a video of the horrific event. Be advised that the images are highly graphic and they are not for the faint of heart.

What happened to the tiger?

After watching the video, many people were indeed shocked for what had happened to the young tiger tamer, but also, they were appalled to the cruel way the circus dealt with the tiger.

As you can see in the video above, the circus employees who tried to stop the attack, harmed the tiger in order to get it to release its trainer. A user who saw the video also declared that the tiger was later slayed by the the circus. So far, the circus did not put out an official statement as to why the tiger attacked, not regarding the tiger’s fate.

Numerous comments were posted about the terrible conditions in which the animals are held, and the problem that raises from this whole incident is that we should not cage animals which are meant to live in the wild.

You too can help by saying NO to Zoos and circuses with animals. As long as you keep buying tickets to such places, people will keep animal in cages, and those wild animals are bound to strike back sooner or later.

Below you can see more videos of circus animals attacking their trainers:

In these videos, you can see lions attacking their trainers.

As you can see, the lions are stopped with water hoses and a lot of water… Not by brutal force, as was the case in Mexico.

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