Horrifying Video: Girl Pulled into Water by Sea Lion

A horrifying video with a girl being pulled into the water by a Sea Lion shocked everyone! You might be thinking that Sea Lions are cute and not dangerous at all, but sometimes they do hurt people!

A little girl was sitting down on a small wall next to the water’s edge when suddenly a Sea lion grabbed her and pulled her into the water! Check out how it happened!

sea lion pulled girl into water

Few tourists in British Colombia got a bit of scare after a sea lion grabbed a little girl a pulled her under the water! The dramatic video went viral quickly and scared everyone! The video was shot at the Steveston Fisherman’s Wharf in Richmond after few tourists saw the beauty of the sea lion and came to see it closer.

girl pulled into water by seal lion

A little girl was sitting on the edge of a wall when suddenly the seal bite her, brutally dragging her under the water! Her parents were terrified of what happened, as her father quickly jumped into the water to save her.

The girl was taken to hospital where she got a vaccine for the bite. A bite from a seal or a sea lion is quite different from that of a terrestrial animal because it carries a host of bacteria uncommon to land mammals, experts say.

Check out the terrifying video below!

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