Man Blows Up Sewer After Throwing a Cigarette

A man caused an explosion and almost killed himself after throwing a cigarette in a sewer. The incident took place in Iran and was captured by a surveillance camera.

A man throw a cigarette in a sewer

Apparently, this guy doesn’t know that smoking can cause death! Although he luckily managed to escape death after he threw a cigarette in an underground sewer, he created a huge explosion. The shocking moment was recorded by a surveillance camera and you can see how powerful the explosion was.

man blew up sewer after throwing a cigarette

 The man stopped near an underground sewer and threw his cigarette into it…within seconds, a huge explosion was captured by the camera! After the dust clears, the man can be seen crawling on his arms and knees away of the sewer.

man survive after blowing up a sewer

Here you can see the whole recorded video! Even this guy miraculously survived, pay attention where you throw your cigarettes or you may wake up in the middle of an unexpected situation!

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