Most Shocking Cases Of Medical Malpractice

Most Shocking and Worse Cases Of Medical Error and Malpractice


Check out some of the most shocking and amazing cases of medical malpractice that happened in modern medicine. Normally, when we go to the doctor, we seek their help because we presume they are trained to deal with the kind of suffering we have, and that we will most likely get better. Well, that’s not the case in these shocking and terrifying situations of doctors mistreating their patients.

It would appear that the standard medical care every person is entitled too differs from hospital to hospital, but also from doctor to doctor… See some of the most amazingly shocking cases of medical malpractice below:

1. Calvin Lock – Loses 65% of His Skin From Ibuprofen

Calvin Lock 1

When children come down with a fever and muscle pain which appear to be a viral infection, parents do not hesitate to give their children the usual Nurofen, with contains an active substance named ibuprofen. None of us give it any second thought, and administrate it to our loved ones or ourselves. Well, some people may be allergic to that substance, and that was the case of Calvin Lock, an 11 year old boy from England.

calvin lock ibuprofen

5 days after taking the ibuprofen, little Calvin developed a rash on his face and belly, and a burning ear… Initially, the family’s general practitioner and doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge diagnosed Calvin with chickenpox. He was given some ointments and other drugs which proved themselves to be totally useless. It wasn’t only till the third visit to the hospital that the boy was properly diagnosed with a condition known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which is an extremely rare, yet very severe allergic reaction to drugs.

Calvin Lock 4

By the time Calvin was given a right diagnosis his condition was highly deteriorated and Calvin was admitted to the intensive care unit and immediately put on life support for three days. His blisters were so severe that the boy had to be transferred to a special burns unit of Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford, Essex, where he received a new diagnosis of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis Syndrome (Tens), which is a more severe form of SJS. His family was prepared for the worse, and doctors said that he might not make it…

Calvin Lock 2

65% of Calvin’s skin and every bit of hair was removed… but after undergoing several surgeries, his condition improved and he began to eat and walk again all on his own. His skin will take two years to completely regenerate, but at least he made it out alive.

Calvin Lock 3

If he had been properly diagnosed in an early stage of this terrible allergic reaction, all of this medical malpractice and the ordeal the child went through could’ve been avoided.

Calvin Lock 5

See a video of this shocking case below:

2. Accidental Penis Amputation

scalpel in hand

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