Naked Man Mauled by Lion Live Video

A horror video of a suicidal naked man who jumps into lion’s den and gets mauled by one shocks the internet! The whole shocking incident was filmed by the one man from the terrified public!

man mauled by lion

Franco Luis Ferrada Roman is a 20 years-old man from Santiago, Chile. Recently he tried to commit suicide in a very brutal way… He jumped naked into a lion enclosure in a Chilean zoo, but even if he survived the lions were killed.

Visitors of a Chilean zoo were traumatized after Franco tried to commit suicide by jumping naked in lion’s den. He bought a ticket from the entrance and nobody suspected anything. In a blink, he took his clothes off, jumped in the den and the two African lions instinctively pounced on the man and severely mauled him. The whole moment happened under the terrified view of some visitors.

suicidal man mauled by lion

One witness, Cynthia Vasquez said that the lions didn’t attack the man immediately as they first started to play with him. She also mentioned that security at the zoo was slow to react and that Franco was shouting unclear things about Jesus.

As the lions were mauling Franco, zookeepers had to put down the animals in order to save the man’s life. Franco was taken to the closest hospital where the doctors managed to save his life. Unfortunately, the African lions, male and female weren’t that lucky and they were killed.

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