Naked Man Stuck in Toilet Pipe

If you think you’re having a bad day, take a break and check out this naked guy who felt and got stuck in a toilet pipe while walking to a communal toilet! The video is kind of hilarious!

naked man got stuck in a toilet pipe

A guy from a small village near the city of Shouguang, in East China’s Shandong Province, had a really bad day! He was walking to a communal toilet when he accidentally felt into a deep well and got stuck in the toilet pipe.

naked man felt into a toilet pipe

After falling into the 20 meters (65ft) well, he got stuck in the tiny pipe screaming for help! His family heard him mumbling in pain but no matter how hard they tried, couldn’t manage to get him out. The man was pulled out an hour later by firefighters using ropes after the authorities brought in three excavators to pump oxygen down into the well to keep the man alive.

naked man stucked in pipe

The man was taken to the hospital after being pulled out of the well. Oh, I forgot to mention why was he naked? Well, it’s a common thing in that village for people to go naked to the communal toilet! Cool, huh? Here you have the hilarious video!

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