Shocking Video: A Girl Falls From Park Ride in New York

A shocking video of a girl falling from a ride at Six Flags Great Escape in Queensbury, NY terrified the onlookers. The horrible moment ended up well for the 14-years-old girl as she was caught by a group of people from the park.

girl falling from ride in new york

Last month a girl from Greenwood, Delaware got pretty scared after she slipped out of a car on the slow-moving cable ride. The out lookers were terrified seeing the girl hanging from the car, as they struggled for minutes to save the girl’s life.

girl falls from car ride in new york

The ride operators managed to stop the ride after they found out about the incident through a radio transmission. The girl can be seen dangerously hanging above the ground with her neck stuck, being choked by the bar. She was screaming for help while the people below her were trying to help her calm down.

girl fall from ride

Finally, the girl was caught by a group of people and fortunately, she suffered no serious injuries but still, she was taken to Glens Falls Hospital for medical investigations. Below you can see the whole shocking video!

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