Shocking Video: Brazilian Man Shoots Wedding Guests

A crazy shocking video appeared on the internet recently when a Brazilian hitman shoots wedding guests! The terrifying footage turned to be an evidence for a horrible crime scene!

brazilian man shoots wedding guests

Terrifying moments happened in a church in Limoeiro de Anadia in Alagoas, Brazil during a wedding ceremony. A Brazilian hitman pulled a gun out and shot the guests with no hesitation. In the horrible footage, you’ll see the man walking behind the groom and the bride seconds before pulling the gun out of his pants and firing shots.

killer behind bride and groom

Umberto Ferreira dos Santos, known by his nickname Betinho plotted to take out a father and a son after his son was recently killed. The moment he pulled his gun out created a frenzy inside the church as the guests screamed and run terrified!

assasin firing shots while guests scream

Cicero Barbosa da Silva, 62, his son Edmilson Bezerra da Silva, 37, and his wife were caught on fire but luckily after few surgeries, they are in stable condition.The wedding was taking place in the Our Lady of Conception church in the center of Limoeiro de Anadia and unfortunately it was brutally interrupted by Betinho revenge.

Cicero and Edmilson were Betinho’s targets and he wanted them dead as an act of revenge for his son death. The police said that Edmilson was cited as the main suspect in killing Betinho’s son and that was the reason for Betihno’s terrifying action.

The shocking video below contains disturbing footage.

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