Shocking Video: Lion Attack His Tamer

Shocking live video with a circus lion attacking his tamer! The lion brutally clamped his jaws around the tamer’s neck as the shocked out lookers were screaming!

lion mauled tamer in France 700x525

In May 2017, at the Buffalo Circus in Doullens, northern France, a circus moment went really wrong after the lion who was supposed to obey his tamer, brutally attacked him! In the horrifying live video, you can see the lion’s wild face, as he dragged his tamer around the enclosure, throwing him around like a piece of meat.
lion attacked tamer in france 700x619

The terrifying moment was caught on camera by one of the out lookers, and you can see the frightened children screaming as their parents were taken them away from the horrific scene.Eventually, other staff members came to save the tamer, spraying the animal with what looks like a fire extinguisher. The tamer was seriously injured by the lion’s claws and fangs, having his throat ripped. After numerous surgeries, he is expected to recover, but the lion will be put down.

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