Shocking Video: Man Fall 30 Meters after Being hit by 30,000 Volts

Shocking video with a man who climbed a high tension electricity tower and fell 30 Meters ( 100 ft) after being hit by 30,000 Volts. Unbelievably, the man survived but the powerful electric shock has left him with severe burns.

man falls 30 m after being hit by 30000 volts

This guy here survived after being electrocuted twice and fell 30 meters. Is this even possible…? The horrifying video shows the man dropping from 30 meters (100ft) electricity pylon after getting hit by 30,000 Volts. At the end of the footage, the man can be seen with severe burns on the skin but still on his feet!

Man hit by 30000 volts of electricity and falls 30 m

The terrifying footage was taken on a mobile phone in an unknown location and shows how the man falls on the ground after two electric claps of thunder and huge flashes emanate from the pylon hit him. Even if the guy should have died twice in a couple of seconds, you can see him at the end of the footage with severe burns and his skin peeled, walking on his own feet.

man hit by 30000 volts fall 30 m and survive

Below you can see the shocking, horror footage which raised over 30,000  views in a very short time.

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