Shocking Video: Russian Girl Died While Broadcasting

A Russian girl died in a car accident while broadcasting a live video on social media. The shocking video appeared all over the internet after her death.

russian girl died while broadcasting a live video

A 22-year-old girl from Kazan, Russia died in a car accident while she was live streaming. Sitora B. put her smartphone up on the dashboard while she live streamed her drive to work, but what seemed to be a usual day turned to be her last one.

russian girl died while live streaming 1

The road accident hap­pened on Thursday mor­ning, March 23 in Zelenodolsky district o­f Tatarstan. In her last seconds of life, Sitora was smiling, listening to music and kept looking down on her phone screen. Being distracted by the phone, she was killed in the horrific collision with a bus. Four bus passengers, including a toddler, needed medical treatment after the collision.

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