Tamer Brutally Killed By Lion Live Video

A tragic video: an animal tamer and trainer, Islam Shaheen, was Brutally Killed By a big Lion during a live demonstration in Egypt! The terrifying moment, which ended up fatally for him, was filmed by someone from the crowd.

tamer savaged by lion

The shocking video shows how the animal tamer was motioning at a lion with a stick and within seconds, another lion launches a savage attack on him!

The creepiest part of the shocking footage was the moment when Islam lied helpless on the ground as the children were screaming in terror. Another trainer tried to help Islam, but the lion had already torn apart his neck.

After the horrible incident, Islam was taken to the hospital where he died soon from his injuries. Although he had over ten years of experience as a tamer, he found his end in the fangs of the lion.

Check out the terrifying moment caught on camera…

Someone explains what happened:

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