World’s Skinniest Woman

Valeria Levitina before anorexia 4

Valeria Levitina before anorexia 2

Valeria Levitina before-after

Valeria Levitina anorexia 8

Valeria Levitina anorexia 7

Valeria Levitina anorexia 5

Valeria Levitina anorexia 4

Valeria Levitina anorexia 2

And see how the thinnest man alive looks in the video below:

And here’s a video of how Valeria Levitin looked before she was anorexic:

As opposed to Valeria, Lizzie Velasquez is also extremely thin, but she eats a substantial meal every 15 minutes, without which she can not survive.

lizzie velasquez enquirer medium

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